What is your main business activity?

Internet of everything: Internet of Things (IOT)

The Sam platform provides technology agnostic solutions for developing custom applications, leveraging simple scripting languages (bash, Perl) through to complex structured languages such as C++. We provide the means to create value outside the firm through new communities and network effects. We have a family of very intelligent self-powering intelligent devices, applications, and services.

Simply implement the required portal JSON API calls, and your application will become integrated into the Sam system. There are endless opportunities to generate revenue into your own user account through the ability to generate sharing of your application, services and data. The portal provides the marketplace for devices, applications and charging services to user accounts on a once-off charge or ongoing subscription costing.

Sam's APIs, SDKs and revenue API's, provide its users and developers the ability to share data by amalgamating technologies services and solutions into intuitive applications and solution bundles.

How has the NBN impacted on the way you do business?

Our technology was originally based on the GSM network. However, given our recent R&D advances and the heightening enthusiasm of public and industry awareness for the Internet Of Things, our internet of everything platform is beginning to flourish.

Until recently, the manufacturability and economies to enable the forecasted and in excess of 26 billion new Web connected IOT devices to communicate their raw or processed data was limited to high end products i.e. tablets and PDA's. For the smaller and much more numerous but intangible objects we represent there have been many power, size and cost limitations prevented their commercial viability. This is now not the case.

For ISU solutions and our personality branded web platform 'Sam' it was more about the conversation of what the NBN cold provide in the future. We have always aimed to provide the future and the NBN has brought forward the conversation of what was so painstakingly and misconceptually communicated since 2004 to something that is now acceptable. When we initially started our vision of a connected world where the user alone represents the marketing and value adding of their own data digital information, the message was very hard to communicate. However, due to our shared initiatives i.e. the Armidale broadband Smart House, CSIRO's Safer Smarter homes, and UNE Smart Farm we've been able to develop and fine tune the connective platform which allows us to connect the millions of livestock to not only their farmers but also their retail providers and insurance bodies ie. Elders insurance.

The NBN has allowed us to convert device trials at UNE Smart Farm where we were collecting over 90 000 data point per livestock, per device, per day into an intelligent and verifiable solution with the capacity to handle over 250 000 head of stock in each synchronous local mesh which is deployable to all matter of objects all over the world.

In what way has the NBN impacted on your work/life balance?

The NBN means I can now communicate to overseas clients and distributors as though they were next door.

Do you see any opportunities into the future for your business as a result of the NBN?

We have realised many other initiatives as a result of the NBN providing community 915 MHz networks for connected devices from NBN connected homes. For example we are now in discussion with waste and recycling bodies in Sydney for the web connectivity of both residential and commercial bin services so that their users may now know when the truck arrives and whether their bin is out for collection, needs to be collected or even confirm when it has been collected saving millions in KPIs data entry and administration costs.

These same sensors are able to monitor and report on any number of environmental events i.e. GPS, temperature, light, humidity, movement, orientation, weight and so forth. The same aggregated data is then remarketed many ways incentivising community's around the data values.

Are there any other ways we can help grow your business and to build Armidale's future Digital Economy?

Paid participation, communication and awareness of our capacity to service information from the smallest pet animal to an entire smart farm and its automation.

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