What is your main business activity?

Quadrant Australia provides a special interest group travel service catering to a unique market.

Quadrant Australia researches and delivers high quality study tours and educational programs, tailored to meet the needs of our Australian and international clients and we work in partnership with the agribusiness industry as well as nature-based and educational sectors worldwide. We also offer a full range of travel services and, as a member of Australia’s largest travel buying group, we have access to a range of cost-effective travel products. The strength of Quadrant Australia has been built from the heritage of the company, with ANF Agritours and AgTour Australia merging into the one company bringing together in excess of 50 years combined experience.

How has the NBN impacted on the way you do business?

NBN currently has not impacted greatly on us as we are only very recently connected one of three offices (upgraded from ADSL2+). When all offices are connected we are anticipating improvements in speed and performance of our Virtual Private Network (VPN), VOIP and cloud file storage.

We also run video conference links between the farm and our external stakeholders, including students and members of the community.

Do you see any opportunities into the future for your business as a result of the NBN?

Essentially we see NBN as a means to support our strategy to better utilise cloud services and thus reduce internal infrastructure costs while increasing our ability to operate seamlessly from different geographical locations.Additionally we also see as a means to better support our communication requirements eg email, VOIP and video conferencing.

Are there any other ways we can help grow your business and to build Armidale's future Digital Economy?

Support affordable and local IT support services and ensure the NBN remains affordable.

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