Armidale NBN case studies

The new Digital Era provided for us by the NBN will allow Armidale and the New England Region to shift gears economically and introduce new diverse trading models that will challenge current business models, but grow jobs for the region.

Armidale businesess are using the NBN to rethink business models, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, expand their markets, communicate better and to simply take advantage of a more robust internet solution. Click a business at left to hear about their real NBN story. We're currently expanding this list weekly so bookmark this page and hear more about how NBN is fueling our digital economy.

Excerpts from: #wethecity - "Collaborating to Compete in the Digital Era"

"In the current age, it is the cities whose governance, infrastructure and communications best enable such collaborations to flourish - and who harness most effectively the energy, talent and creativity of the people who live there now or who might be attracted there - will be the most innovative, will secure the most investment and will attract the most talented." Lucy Hughes Turnbull AO, Chair, Committee for Sydney

Cities can no longer expect to advance their agendas for growth, inclusion and sustainability without technology. While technology in its broadest sense has always been part of the engine of growth and innovation for successful cities, in the modern global city and in the knowledge economy driving its development, technology and urban management have become fused. In fact, so woven together in fabric of our cities and our experience of them, that technology should not be seen as separate from urban living but integral to it. As one urban thinker puts it, the focus must now be on the way citizens and communities create culture, successful urban living and opportunity with and through technology: "Technology is culture; it is not something separate... we cannot choose to have it or not. It just is, like air".

"Technology is important to the extent it can enable or accelerate the speed and impact of knowledge and ideas flowing easily across new and spreading networks of people and institutions. And to make that work, what matters is culture, practice and governance, not just technology."