MSP Photography

What is your main business activity?

MSP Photography is Australia’s largest school photography service provider, photographing more than 1 million pre-school, primary school and high school students across Australia each year.

How has the NBN impacted on the way you do business?

Since we connected to the NBN we are now able to up load large data files to an external site for printing, creating immediate delivery as opposed to 2-3 days via post of our information.

In what way has the NBN impacted on your work/life balance?

The NBN means we can now have our data immediately viewed from Wagga Wagga as opposed to sending in the post delaying work of up to 2-3 days.

Do you see any opportunities into the future for your business as a result of the NBN?

It has created a 2-3 day quicker turn around time to receive our products.

Are there any other ways we can help grow your business and to build Armidale's future Digital Economy?

We need schools on board supporting us as a local photographer.

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