ICT International

What is your main business activity?

Sales of scientific instrumentation to monitor soil moisture, plant water use. Instruments used for research and environmental management. Sales are global with direct sales, distributors in some countries (Japan, Germany etc.) and offices in Jordan for MENA region and San Jose Costa Rica for Latin America.

How has the NBN impacted on the way you do business?

It has greatly impacted how ICT International operates on a daily basis.

  • • Cloud Office (MS365) enables file sharing etc.
  • • 4 x sales staff work remotely (Tamworth, Port Macquarie, Jordan and Costa Rica) There is common access to files irrespective of location eg. quotes and technical info
  • • Offsite backup - automatic
  • • Marketing activities - greatly stepped up.

We also run video conference links between the farm and our external stakeholders, including students and members of the community.

In what way has the NBN impacted on your work/life balance?

Sales staff can work from home and Management can monitor activities of customers, suppliers and sales staff 24/7.

Do you see any opportunities into the future for your business as a result of the NBN?

Improved www page and Google analysis. Response to blogs, newsletters etc monitored closely. Customer support post sales via Skype and video conference is a also great benefit. We have many opportunities that will be implemented over the coming several years re: customer support and services offered for customers.

Are there any other ways we can help grow your business and to build Armidale's future Digital Economy?

A detailed set of presentations/workshops from qualified persons that enable a detailed understanding of Google and its functionality and analysis so it can be exploited directly and to its maximum. The contribution of Google to a business is potentially greater than any other business service.

For the Armidale business community in general, companies such as Nucleo and Graham East have a lot to offer the Armidale community and should be encouraged and supported. Businesses should be encouraged to use their services.

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