What is your main business activity?

Green Energy and consulting on Green tech. We broker green energy solutions in Australia mostly in solar and wind, end to end from financing through to moderating. We also are developing geothermal assets in Myanmar and Indonesia.

How has the NBN impacted on the way you do business?

We moved into our new offices and were connected to the NBN. We are now able to run all our digital work from a centralised local space: we run robust CRMs and multiple Digital media platforms. We used to run all digital out of Brisbane office but now everything is controlled out of Armidale: so convenient!

In what way has the NBN impacted on your work/life balance?

I finish my work a lot faster and seem to have more time to do other things. I also don't have to leave town for interstate meetings now with reliable video conferencing capability.

Do you see any opportunities into the future for your business as a result of the NBN?

Absolutely, of course, in ways possible yet to be thought of! For example I have the potential to open an energy market board, with the Digital infrastructure available, so it is really limited only to imagination.

Are there any other ways we can help grow your business and to build Armidale's future Digital Economy?

Yes, I have a few ideas, but attracting the digital pioneers to the region would help facilitate the local users in their vision of how this amazing technology (which only a handful of cities have access to ) will set them apart going forward, whilst injecting the region with endless possibilities and scope for the future. It is my belief that very few Armidale 'local' residents will ever grasp the true vision in the opportunity of NBN.

I think the pitch is 'come to Armidale and make your mark'.

Kate Richards | Enertek Australia Limited

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