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The education sector continues to be the key employment sector within the Armidale Dumaresq LGA (Local Government Area) accounting for over a fifth of total employment, considerably higher than the state and national averages which are around the 8% mark. Other key employment sectors within the LGA include health care and social assistance, retail trade and accommodation and food services.

The region is home to the University of New England as well as a local TAFE Campus and boasts three of the most prestigious independent day and boarding schools in Australia not to mention a variety of quality and high performing public schools.

The high number of professionals relative to Armidale’s population living within the Armidale Dumaresq LGA reflects the highly educated workforce and the strength of Armidale’s professional, scientific & technical services, ICT and education sectors within the region. According to the latest Census employment by occupation data, a quarter of Armidale’s workforce are professionals.

The unemployment rate within the Armidale Dumaresq LGA has averaged between 5 and 6% over the last five years. The University provides a ready pool of casual workers for the hospitality, retail and light industry sectors and others.

Many professional firms in the legal, finance, education, research, science, information technology, consulting and technical industry sectors are based in Armidale due to the availability of supporting infrastructure and links to the knowledge base of the University of New England and other research based organisations. Most professional firms service regional and metropolitan markets with many involved in global ventures.