What is your main business activity?

EdAlive: The largest national reseller of educational software to Australian schools with substantial business in the USA, UK, NZ and other countries around the world. All published titles now digitally downloaded through www.edalive.com. New online learning through the creation of www.zoowhiz.com which has users located around the world.

ITAlive: Highly skilled work group able to engage with a broad range of IT based technologies including database design, web hosting, server provision, IT infrastructure, software authoring and more.

Our vision is to increase the efficiency and productivity of local businesses and households through the integration of technology and the new opportunities offered by the NBN.

One of the first and most pressing needs is the safeguarding of business data through best practise implementation of current technologies.

How has the NBN impacted on the way you do business?

EdAlive: The principal impacts of the NBN have been the reduction of costs through increased data throughput and the ability to implement new technologies including VOIP phones. We have staff located outside NSW and the NBN makes communication with them easier and more reliable.

ITAlive: The NBN is creating opportunities for us to assist other businesses with data back up and systems integration, building productivity and efficiency and therefore competitive advantage for the community as a whole.

In what way has the NBN impacted on your work/life balance?

Personally, access is now faster and more cost efficient. We now use online entertainment including video streaming on a more frequent basis.

The NBN-powered data backup solutions we have engineered and are now offering to homes and businesses through ITAlive allow users to access their data from any where from any Internet connected device at any time. This accessibility and portability of data has significant implications for others' work/life balance.

Do you see any opportunities into the future for your business as a result of the NBN?

Our online learning system is being delivered to more and more homes and schools around the world as the digital age marches forward. Our connection to the NBN is a vital link in this process. Our community as a whole has to come to grips with the burgeoning load of digital resources that are now a part of life. Our photos, memories, legal documents, communications and entertainment are all becoming digital based and yet few businesses and homes have this data backed up or accessible. The NBN and other forms of high speed broadband offer a significant opportunity for a consolidated, intentional and strategic development of practices that will ensure the heritability, accessibility and permanence of these valuable assets.

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