Computer Support Team

What is your main business activity?

We provide IT and business solution support and products to consumers and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

How has the NBN impacted on the way you do business?

We have been able to offer a wider range of services. We have been able to help businesses make use of the NBN and increase their efficiency and connectivity while saving money on IT and communications infrastructure costs.

In what way has the NBN impacted on your work/life balance?

A perfect example of the NBN affecting my work/life balance is the ability to be connected almost anywhere due to our upload speeds. I can setup VPN access and work from home when needed. It has also helped connectivity to our customers when I need to log in and carry out maintenance on their IT products.

Do you see any opportunities into the future for your business as a result of the NBN?

The future will be constantly evolving within our industry. New products and services will be coming to market and we will be able to get on board and adopt new products early. These products will increase our customers' efficiency, lower costs and allow our customers to have peace of mind regarding their IT and communications.

Are there any other ways we can help grow your business and to build Armidale's future Digital Economy?

Encouraging new businesses to Armidale would be the best way to grow our business and having some way of introducing these businesses to the local providers before they are setup so they will purchase equipment and support locally.

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