Working here

‘One Song Commute’

In our little piece of the world; it is quite normal to sit in a parked car just to listen to the end of a favourite song on arrival at work or at home. No more than five minutes each way, no traffic jams and only two sets of traffic lights which are easy to avoid if you must?

Our children can walk to school, just around the corner from home; it is easy to find time in our busy schedules to duck out and participate in school presentations, to be present at sporting events and to see our children receive awards. Our working world is sophisticated yet flexible and definitely family friendly.

Armidale has evolved and matured on the back of a diverse agricultural base and the evolution of an education sector without peer in regional Australia. The long established university and private schools provide the cornerstone of a sector employing almost a quarter of the local working population.

An intellectual community in a regional setting with a cosmopolitan ambiance, Armidale has much to offer in an ever changing working world. A world connected by fast optic fibre broadband. Armidale is reaping the benefits of being one of the first communities in Australia to be connected, fibre to the premises.

As for our business world; there are many successful business enterprises in Armidale related to university research and education, farming and grazing, professional services, retail, manufacturing and information technology. It is a diverse business community. Many Armidale businesses are involved in thriving global ventures. Many have moved here to take advantage of the technology and intellectual resources available.

Work-Life balance is important and with all its natural beauty, hidden treasures, sporting facilities and outdoor pursuits, Armidale really should be a consideration for individuals, families and businesses who ‘want it all’.

Spectacular waterfalls, gorges, world-heritage national parks, cool-climate vineyards and a fascinating and diverse cultural heritage, canyoning, mountain biking, bird watching, trout fishing and other outdoor adventures take on an exciting new dimension in New England High Country. And you will be delighted all over again when you come indoors to discover our galleries, museums, fine food and wine.

At around 1000 metres above sea level, Armidale offers a truly evocative and unique experience with four distinct seasons. A touch over two hours to Coffs Harbour and the Pacific Ocean by car and one hour to Sydney by plane, Armidale really does have it all.

NBN & the Digital Economy

"Communities and citizens that lack high speed broadband access and at a deficit in comparison to their peers" - London School of Economics

The Digital Economy represents one of the most important social and economic changes in the world since the industrial revolution. Countries and indeed regions which embrace this change will prosper well into the future.

Armidale has been offered a unique opportunity and is moving to capitalise on being the first fully fibred mainland city in Australia. Already recognised as a centre of education excellence, and with a significant professional services sector, the NBN is proving an asset to these business groups. Work efficiencies from improved communication via the optic fibre network manifest in many ways and Armidale businesses only stand to benefit.

Aside from the larger employers Armidale has a thriving small business sector. For the SME’s affordable high speed broadband means communication with clients and suppliers is easy, as is developing new markets all around the world.

Armidale is starting to see growth in start-ups and incubator technology businesses on the back of being one of the first mainland sites in Australia for the roll-out of the NBN.

"Quality internet is as valuable as water or soil is to a farmer" - Whitehack