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Armidale has received an international accolade from the Intelligent Community Forum being named in the Top 21 Smart Communities for 2016.

Evaluation of Intelligent Community Forum Awards Program is based on the six intelligent community indicators, (Broadband, Knowledge Workforce, Innovation, Digital Equality, Sustainability and Advocacy) which provide the conceptual framework for understanding all of the factors that determine a community's competitiveness and point to its success in the broadband economy. In addition, the Awards are guided by this year’s theme, From Revolution to Renaissance, which focuses on how Intelligent Communities plan their future at a time when the economy, the environment and the patterns of urban and rural life are undergoing dramatic change.

ICF (Intelligent Communities Forum) is an international think tank which studies and promotes the best practices of the world’s most intelligent communities as they adapt to and seize the opportunities presented by the advancement of technology. Their mandate is to help cities build prosperous economies, solve social problems and enrich the lives of those who live there. Each year ICF has an awards process which is aimed at identifying the most Intelligent Communities on the planet. With the main prize being the announcement of the Intelligent Community of the Year.

The first stage is the announcement of the Smart21 – the 21 semi-finalists in the competition. Armidale has been identified as a Smart21 Community for 2016 and will now progress to the next stage in the competition which will identify the Top 7. Armidale can now participate in international debate, intelligence sharing, ideas collaboration and future proofing discussions with arguably the brightest minds and cleverest cities in the world. This will assist Armidale in making Smart decisions which will enrich the lives for all who reside here in the future.

The Armidale ICF application has been a collaborative effort by the Armidale community, co-ordinated by Council (Harold Ritch – Project Manager Economic Development) and with input from the Armidale Digital Economy Implementation Group (DEIG), headed by Alun Davies as Chair and Co-ordinator, and support from a host of agencies and businesses from that group including RDANI (Nathan Axelsson), UNE (Tony Sorensen), NSW Dept Industry (Peter Sniekers) and the Armidale business community.