Living in Armidale is easy to imagine. Imagine the beautiful home that you would buy for a fraction of the cost of a home in Sydney. Imagine getting to work in 5 minutes, with no traffic jams to contend with. Think about your children walking to school, just around the corner from your home and not feeling worried. Imagine working in an environment where you have the time to see your child receive an award at school. Imagine not having to worry about water restrictions and think how your garden will blossom. Living in Armidale is not a figment of your imagination, it is an everyday reality for thousands of people.

Armidale differs from most inland regional centres because it has a long established university, transforming it from a rural town to a sophisticated and cosmopolitan small city.

Through the University, TAFE, private and public schools the city has become a significant education centre, creating a wider range of jobs and business opportunities than usually found in the country. It has a well educated and diverse population who stimulate change and demand a high standard of living.

There are 60 direct flights between Armidale and Sydney each week and a daily train service. Armidale is serviced by all major coach companies each day enroute to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The coast is only two hours away along one of the most beautiful scenic drives in Australia.

Armidale has the best regional art gallery in NSW outside the main metropolitan cities with major collections valued at over $40 million. The city has a twin cinema which shows mainstream and art house movies. There is the New England Conservatorium of Music, a Symphony Orchestra, a Youth Orchestra, a biennial Bach Festival and several choral groups. The Armidale Playhouse Theatre, Armidale Musical Society, Stage One Theatre for Children and the University of New England Department of Theatre Studies perform regularly during the year.

The University of New England has established a Rural Medical School with an intake of 60 students each year. As a result the local health service has attracted more medical specialists than ever before and the local hospital will be upgraded for tertiary teaching purposes. A private hospital is also located in the grounds of the public hospital.

The city has first class sporting facilities. For those who like the outdoors there are hobby farms on the outskirts of the city to follow rural pursuits, bushwalking in nearby world heritage national parks, trout fishing, white water rafting, sailing in Malpas Dam, Heli-fishing and abseiling.

As for business, there are many successful business enterprises in Armidale related to university research and education, to farming and grazing, professional services, retail, manufacturing and information technology. Many Armidale businesses are involved in thriving global ventures. We welcome your interest and inquiries and encourage you to come here to live and work.
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Looking for a Job? Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI)
After moving to Armidale in 1965, Dr Arthur Rickards, Managing Director of the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) has helped to change the face of the Australian and International Beef Industry. As the world leader in Livestock Information Systems, the Institute is an example of a successful global business operating from Armidale which has become one of the largest employers in the city outside government.

ABRI conducts research and consults to public and private organisations and provides managerial services and information to primary producers, with special emphasis on the needs of livestock industries. It offers a wide range of agribusiness information services including comprehensive breed register software that meets the needs of modern livestock producers. The ABRI register is used by 100 breed associations worldwide with over 35 million animals recorded on its database covering 8 different animal species.

"Whether you run a small or large international business, Armidale offers the necessary business infrastructure together with an enviable lifestyle that many people long for," Dr Rickards says.

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